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June is Diary Month. Yahoo!

Published: 05/30/2019

By: State Bank Financial

But…what does that really mean?

Where do we start?  June is National Dairy Month—a whole month to appreciate the wonders of dairy! Things get started on June 1 with World Milk Day, which recognizes the contributions of the dairy sector to economic development, sustainability, nutrition and livelihoods.

For some of us, the annual month-long celebration means great deals on root beer floats, (Rudy’s Drive Inn comes to mind) for others, it’s a moment to get out to visit a farm for a tour.  Or maybe you will load the family up and enjoy a breakfast on the farm event in one the many counties we serve. (Check out Clark, La Crosse, Monroe, Vernon, Jackson, Trempealeau, and Marathon Counties to find a Breakfast on the Farm event.)  In Marshfield at the Mayor’s Dairy Breakfast, it’s a chance to eat ice cream for breakfast and not even hide it from the kids.  (For more info, visit   If you need more – get in on the fun of Butterfest in Sparta, June 6 – 9, 2019 ( and enjoy all things dairy at this three day throw-down. There’s no shortage of ways to have fun in Wisconsin during Dairy Month.

It is interesting to look at some facts as well, and not just the fun…although the fun is probably what keeps farm families chugging sometimes these days.  Keep in mind that farming, in general, contributes $88.3 billion to the state economy, according to the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection.  In many markets, and certainly in the regional and local economy, farms, and specifically dairy farms, are big contributors to the economic engine.

According to the website, Farm Flavor, there are 413,500 jobs in the state of Wisconsin related to agriculture.  That is about 1 in 9 jobs directly related to agriculture – not to mention the countless other jobs the industry helps support.   When I browsed open jobs on this week, there were currently 652 jobs waiting for applicants just in the dairy industry alone.  And for the state of Wisconsin the lists of accomplishments in the dairy industry goes on and on.  Even historic firsts, like being the first Dairy School in the United States and establishing in 1890 at UW Madison. Dairy is big business and it is big FAMILY business.  According to a USDA 2012 report, 96 percent of dairy farms in Wisconsin are family owned.

Luke Schulte, Sparta Market President, State Bank Financial, was recently quoted in the Wisconsin Banker, and offered his insight and opinion. "We value the farms, agribusiness, and hardworking people that make up the communities we serve," said Schulte. "For over 160 years, agriculture has been a part of our business and will continue to be important to us, just as it's important for the ag community to have local, community banks to help them.”

So…June is Dairy Month.  And what that means is this is a month that matters!  A month to celebrate, reflect, and remember an industry that is critical to our State.  So, to all of you farmers that rise and shine each day, and to those of you that serve alongside the farm families…raise a glass and cheers to June!  (FYI: I’m partial to ice cold 2% for this salute!)

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