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There is still time for Summer Fun

Published: 08/14/2019

By: State Bank Financial

Summer is slipping by, but it’s not too late to do something with the family. Jill Hamilton, Senior Vice President and Director of Retail Banking at State Bank Financial, reminds customers and friends that summer fun can still be had.  “We are quickly heading for the dog days of summer, but that’s the perfect time to get a little more creative with the kids, or in my case – the grandkids,” said Hamilton.

Hamilton looks to fun inexpensive outings to either participate in or pass on to her daughter. “We live in an area that has so much going on and much of it at little to no cost, and sometimes that staycation mindset really opens the doors,” said Hamilton.

Summer travel tips from Trip Advisor point out some of the area attractions that as locals we take for granted. “Time together is what any of these outings are really about,” said Hamilton.  “With younger kids it was just the adventure of heading out and doing something, and I find the little things like stopping to eat or packing a picnic lunch helps to make the day memorable.”

According to Trip Advisor, the top local attractions include:

Trip Advisor - Top Activities in La Crosse

 Hamilton goes on to say that when families have bigger plans or dream vacations, they often set up savings accounts, look at loans, or use home equity to get that big trip or dream item realized. “There are a lot of boat, camper and UTV/ATV excursions in our area, and sometimes financing those big-ticket items makes sense.  Customers that want to plan ahead for big trips are really fun to help too.  I think we get almost as excited about the plan as they do and knowing that we can help is really rewarding.”

Hamilton shared a story of helping a family set up a plan to get a new camper as they put together a National Parks trip out West. “We set up a specific account to save for the down payment on the camper.  Seven months later they had the funds for the down payment, and we arranged a small loan for the remaining balance.”  That was a few years back and that family still has the camper, stills camps in our region and, Hamilton said with a warm smile, “Still talks about that trip with us when it comes up.”

“Anything we can do to help our customers accomplish their dreams is what we are all about,” said Hamilton.

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