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Create a Stronger, More Vibrant Community with Nonprofit Banking

Charitable, civic, educational and cultural organizations help ensure strong, diverse and inclusive communities. To better support nonprofit organizations — large and small — we're pleased to introduce you to State Bank Financial's Nonprofit Collaborative. The programs and services that make up the Nonprofit Collaborative are designed to help nonprofits in the communities we serve in Wisconsin and Southeast Minnesota create success for your valuable organization.

Create More with These Nonprofit Banking Services:

  • Nonprofit Collaborative Programs
  • Benefits Programs
  • Nonprofit Checking
  • Nonprofit Savings
  • Cash Management
  • Investment Management
  • Personal Banking Services

To speak with one of our trusted advisors about your needs, call Mark Carpenter, Executive Vice President, at 800.880.7151 or at his direct line 608.791.4217 today. You may also email him at [email protected].


Nonprofit Checking

At State Bank Financial, we understand that your business and your requirements for managing money are unique. To best respond to the needs of every nonprofit in the communities we serve in Wisconsin and Southeast Minnesota including yours, we've created a full suite of nonprofit checking accounts. They include:

Nonprofit Simplified Checking

A great choice for the smaller nonprofit, sole proprietorship or community organization that processes a combined total of 200 transactions (checks paid and items deposited) or less per statement cycle.

Nonprofit Maximized Checking

Designed for the business that processes a higher volume of monthly transactions.

Nonprofit Analyzed Checking

For large nonprofits with a full suite of cash management services available.

Nonprofit Savings

Managing a successful nonprofit requires proper short- and long-term planning. It also calls for having the funds available to meet cash flow demands, as well as opportunities for growth. State Bank Financial offers a full range of savings accounts to nonprofits in the communities we serve in Wisconsin and Southeast Minnesota to ensure you're well prepared for whatever comes along. They include:

Business Money Market

Designed for the nonprofit that wants the benefit of earning interest and the convenience of accessing their funds by check.

Please call us at 800.880.7151 to receive our Disclosure and Important Account Information for your organization, for additional terms, conditions, transaction limitations and fees that may apply.