A personal finance management tool to help you build wealth.


      Who better than the oldest bank in Western Wisconsin to help you build wealth? For 160 years State Bank Financial has been helping people, communities, and business open, expand, and thrive. And one thing we know through all these years is that Wealth Building through personal finance management is the path that leads to Wealth Management.

        This simple and easy to use tool, SBFinance Trax, is designed to help you set goals, pay bills, and plan and budget your life. This is a no-charge finance management tool for our online banking customers and one that you will truly find rewarding.

          You can categorize transactions, build budgets, and set financial goals. SBFinance Trax is just one more benefit that comes from banking at State Bank Financial.

            Get started today by logging in to online banking, and start Building Wealth by managing your finances with SBFinance Trax.

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