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A Home Equity Line of Credit has great benefits

2.9% Promotional Rate for 1st 9 Months

Prime Rate or 4% Floor Rate after 9 Months*

*After the promotional introductory rate of 2.90% for the 1st 9 Months, the Annual Percentage Rate will vary based on Prime Rate but will never go lower than the floor rate of 4.00%

This Fall Get the Money you need to do the things you want!

Access money when you need it

Make payments on only the funds you use

Local decision making, processing and servicing of you loan

Complete your application by November 24, 2021

Get started today! 


*Subject to credit approval. Limited time offer available to qualified borrowers on owner occupied single family residences located in WI and MN. Rates shown are for up to 80% Loan to Value (LTV); after promotional rate period, the rate will become variable, subject to change monthly, based on Prime Rate as published in the Wall Street Journal with a floor rate of 4%. Maximum annual percentage rate is 18.00%. Promotional rate available on new HELOC's only of $5000 or more, or on existing lines with an increase of $5000 or more. Proof of homeowner’s insurance is required. Consult tax advisor about interest deductibility. You are responsible for fees to third parties, which generally range from $323.70 to $1856.65. Closing cost vary. In addition, MN residents are subject to mortgage registration tax of $2.30 per $1000 borrowed. You may receive, upon request, a good faith estimate of such fees. Requires State Bank Financial checking account, auto-pay, and e-statements. 

Equal Housing Lender. Member FDIC.