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Keep your money safe — and working overtime — to maximize your funds.

Positive Pay

Take a proactive stance with Positive Pay. Simply provide us with an electronic file of issued checks, and we'll match every check issued by your business against your electronic file — flagging any questionable checks along the way. Only the checks that match the provided file are paid.

  • Catch fraudulent activity before the money leaves your account
  • Protect your company's assets from check fraud
  • Simple process from start to finish
  • Timely check return

Proactively monitor ACH transactions with the help of an ACH Fraud Filter. By pre-setting parameters and receiving and halting ACH activity that seems outside of the norm, this convenient service allows you to safeguard against fraud.

  • Greater peace of mind; electronic fraud prevention
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Gives you the choice to allow or return ACH debits based on the criteria you define:
    • Allows you to block all ACH debits from selected accounts
    • Allows ACH debits from those companies you designate
  • Flags and holds transactions that seem out of the norm


Let us help you make your account reconciliation process more efficient. We can help you build an automated account reconciliation plan (ARP) that will improve your audit control and streamline back room functions.

  • Ideal for businesses handling and issuing a large number of checks
  • Improve audit control
  • Streamline back room functions; reduce costs
  • Keep records up to date
  • Audit control over funds collection and disbursement:
    • Checks written matched to checks that clear your account
    • Catch errors early; increased accuracy
    • Maintain internal controls
    • Expedite checking records
  • Always know your financial position

Loan Sweep Service

Optimize your collected funds with our loan sweep service. Excess funds are automatically swept from your State Bank Financial checking account to your line of credit — helping you easily and efficiently pay down credit line balances. Should your checking balance ever fall short, funds are automatically swept back over.

  • Keep your money working for you, automatically
  • Maintain target balances while working down your outstanding line of credit balance
  • Linked to your State Bank Financial checking account:
    • Set predetermined account limits to remain in account and cover expenses
    • Excess funds automatically swept to your line of credit to pay down balance
    • If necessary, funds automatically swept back into checking to cover account activity

CD-ROM Statements

Eliminate the need to physically store and retrieve paper checks and statements with our personalized CD-ROM service. CD-ROM statements allow you to retrieve and review detailed images of your paid checks and deposited items conveniently from your PC. You can even receive all your paid checks on CD-ROM for long-term storage after your account's statement cutoff.

  • Long-term storage option for important account details
  • Retrieve and review detailed images of paid checks and deposited items 24/7
  • Convenient; several months or years worth of history available in one place
  • Avoid paper storage hassles; eliminate physical storage of checks and account statements
  • Include preloaded software that allows you to automatically view and search statements
  • Requires no additional software

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Reporting

Cut through the clutter of paper-based payables and receivables with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). When used with our Automated Clearing House (ACH) service, your business can electronically transmit and receive paper copies of invoices and purchase orders along with payment instructions and remittance detail.

  • Cut down on paper storage hassles
  • Outgoing and incoming paper copies are translated to electronic data
  • Easy retrievable records, available 24/7