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    As always, at State Bank Financial we work to bring you the very best in community banking and continue to challenge ourselves to always be looking forward. Our desire is to be leading in the industry on ideas, solutions and services that help our customers and our communities.

      Our Thought Leadership Blog gives you an opportunity to follow along. We do hope you continue to join us at our area Thought Leadership Series events and when you can't make it, you can always learn more through our Thought Leadership Blog.

      Even with Existing Student Debt you can still Purchase Your First Home

      Published: July 07, 2017
      As reported in the American Bankers Association Banking Journal, a quarter of prospective first-time homebuyers said they expect ...
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      .com is moving to .bank

      Published: May 30, 2017
      The State Bank Financial domain name (website address) will be going from “.com” to “.bank”. What does ...
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