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      Our Thought Leadership Blog gives you an opportunity to follow along. We do hope you continue to join us at our area Thought Leadership Series events and when you can't make it, you can always learn more through our Thought Leadership Blog.

      Using friends, family and others can help with Goal Planning

      The new year is upon us and many of us will set goals or resolutions for 2018. Most studies indicate that when we write down or record our goals they typically have a higher percentage of getting accomplished.  Many experts say goal planning is a wise thing to do and would remind you that when you create a list of things you want to accomplish you need to also indicate how you will realistically measure, monitor and benchmark success.

      I guess the one thing goal lists, or resolutions, all have in common is you need to break it down into steps and “play the game within the game”. To me the “game” is the monitoring and measuring of the steps within the process and checking them off as they are completed.  I get a sense of accomplishment when I check things off.  Full disclosure, at least in my case, you might not always reach the final goal, but in theory, each step completed will lead you down the path toward the main goal.

      It seems easy enough when I look at it this way, but I know it will also take discipline too, and we all know that discipline is only half the battle. I think the other half, the big half if you will, that can help you get started on a successful life hacks is finding and developing the path – or “the plan”.  Sometimes that plan is a bigger hurdle than committing to the goal.  My point, if creating the plan is holding you back or discouraging you, here’s a helpful little tip.  Find a friend, mentor, advisor, or family member that can give you free and solid advice.  

      Advice that comes from someone who ISN’T wearing your shoes, but knows you will enough to be honest, has some insight to what your trying to do and is willing to help can be of great value. I have found that most people are more than willing to help and would welcome the opportunity to help someone.  In fact, I think they sometimes actually see the path better than you can. 

      So here’s an easy goal - ask someone for help and input on things you want to accomplish.  I mean why not, you don’t have anything to lose. (Well in my case I hope to lose about 10 pounds!)  And good luck on the goal list in 2018.


      FYI: If getting finances in order are on your list we offer a free Financial Health Check Up. It’s simple, and will give you steps to monitor and measure your efforts. If you want free input on improving your financial health click here to learn more:


      Equifax Data Breach

      One of the biggest news stories lately is that 142 million Americans just found out their personal data may have been compromised during the Equifax data breach.  Click on the links below for important information provided by the Wisconsin Bankers Association.

      Equifax Data Breach Facts

      Equifax Data Breach: WI Banking Industry has Consumers’ Backs

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