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Economic Indicators Breakfast

Published: 10/16/2018

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By: State Bank Financial

 Economic Indicators Breakfast

Please join us for the fall 2018 Economic Indicators event, hosted by UW-La Crosse and presented by State Bank Financial. Tariffs are often used to raise the price of imported goods so that domestic producers will not need to reduce prices to compete. The idea is that people will then buy more domestically produced products, boosting the market and creating jobs. But does it work? Recent increases in tariffs on steel and aluminum have caused product costs to rise and foreign countries to retaliate with tariffs on U.S. products.

Learn more about the use and impact of tariffs at the fall Economic Indicators event when Professor TJ Brooks shares his insights on this complicated topic. A panel of business owners also will provide insight on the impact tariffs have on day to day business activity and the economy

Next week the Economic Indicators Breakfast will tackle the topic of tariffs as well as look at the region's economy.  This is a fast paced, information filled and fun breakfast that brings you updates on the economy, plus a special program on how the tariffs. 

Plan to attend by registering now.

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